Current Issue: Vol. 1, No. 1; Summer & Autumn (2015)

A Comparative Study between Art Nouveau and BionicSahar ToofanAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Considering the Effect of Gender on women’s Understanding of Architectural SpacesRafieh LelhajAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Structural Principles and Frameworks of Iranian-Islamic Urbanization by Reviewing its Formation in Different PeriodsSobhan Roshanfekr Jourshar & Nasim Najafgholipour KalantariAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Architectural Expression Systems and Iranian ArchitectureSolmaz Khoshnava FoumaniAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
The Socio-Organic Movement of Information Age: Architecture Self Educating System in Post Professional EraBahram Hooshyar Yousefi & Ata ChokhachianAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Seismic Performance of Coupled Shear Walls with Steel Coupling Beams in High-rise BuildingsArash BayatAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Effect of Natural Zeolite Content on the Properties of Self Consolidating ConcreteAlireza Sharbatdar & Mehdi SharbatdarAbstract | Full Text | PDF File
Dome on Squinches (The Persian Structural Solution for Architecture)Elham Saligheh & Nasibeh Badri BenamAbstract | Full Text | PDF File

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